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LG Rolling Bot is a smartphone-controlled ball of fun with frikkin’ laser beams

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if you fell in love with BB-eight’s lovely bally cuteness in superstar Wars: The force Awakens, then put together to have your heartstrings tugged: say hiya to LG’s Rolling Bot.

The LG Rolling Bot is one of the LG G5’s pals, one in all a number of accessories shown off alongside LG’s new superphone at cellular global Congress 2016. however this related toy is destined for extra matters.

First up, the Rolling Bot is a domestic robotic ball. it’s designed to stay in your home, connect with your private home wireless community, and then the a laugh can begin. as soon as related, you may be capable of pressure the Rolling Bot round your house the usage of the smartphone as a controller. And yes, you could control it anyplace inside the international you might be.

The significant section of the Rolling Bot contains a camera, so that you can see where it is going. which means you will be able to roll it from room to room whilst you are away, perhaps to test that the house is ok, undercover agent on the children, or just to entertain your visitors.

however it additionally consists of a speaker and mic, like a security cam, in addition to a few unique extras, along with (within the phrases of Dr Evil) frikkin’ laser beams.

The laser is not designed to assault intruders, it’s there as a puppy toy. The concept is that you could entertain your lonely pussy or pooch while you’re away, giving it a laser to chase. certain, a few would possibly see this as tormenting an abandoned animal, and sure, any big dog will probable make a meal of Rolling Bot, but good day, it’s a telephone managed ball with a laser.

Rolling Bot has other skills too. it may also be deployed to manipulate your tv, we’re guessing by the usage of an IR blaster. we’ve got visible a quick demo with LG Rolling Bot and it positive seems like a laugh.

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